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PV Elite integrated FEA with NozzlePRO

Greetings, if you didn't get a chance to attend CAUx this year, attached is the powerpoint I used during the session to showcase PV Elite intergration with NozzlePRO, for FEA analysis.

The session outline was:

"Due to the limitations of other nozzle analyses such as WRC 107 or 297, determining accurate stresses at nozzle to shell interfaces can be out of the scope, but with NozzlePRO, true finite element analysis (FEA) is possible. Participants will get a solid foundation for comprehending the WRC 107 and 297 codes, which will lead to a discussion and example phase that shows how we can apply FEA as a valid solution in lieu of the known conservatisms and non-conservatisms of the WRC codes. "

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