April 2020 

  • PDF Download Multiple with Annotations implemented.

November 2019

PDF Viewer page has been reworked!
User will find the all the controls spread across two rows of Header Controls

Markup processing has been streamlined and integrated with the MOC Module.  Users find all these new capabilities under new Flyout to be super helpful when processing markups

June 2019

  • Added the Ability to Export Annotations and add Watermarks to PDF File.  
    Note: Exporting with annotations does require the optional MUExport Module

May 2019

  • Download Multiple PDF files (because one is never enough!)
    User with downloading privileges will now be able to download multiple PDF files. SOCKETWorx delivers them to within a compress zip file.

  • Open buttons added to improve Mobile Device UI (try it out on your iPAD Pro....)
    Users will find Open buttons on the Open file popup window and here under the Attached Documents area.
    Both instances require 1) a document to be selected and 2) the open button to be clicked.

  • Updated User Profile for all the PDF Annotation Tools....
    Go on....Set your preference.
    All PDF Annotation default setting are located under your User Profile.
    Make sure to set these for the best user experience.