April 2020

  • Features Added
  • Rotated Text
  • Cell Indent
  • Font Style
  • Font Size

Pictures: Pictures can now be managed two ways:

  1. Via Static Fields (Global Approach)
  2. Standard Excel Pictures when you import a spreadsheet or paste into the spreadsheet. (Per Worksheet Approach)

November 2019

New Edit Template User Interface

Everything now exists within two Header Controls.
The Template Editor now consumes the entire browser window.

More Special Fields

Two SOCKETWorx Datasheet Fields have been added. 

  1.  Under Table Fields there is now an 'Insert Revision Field' button.  It will populate with the revision number if the Field value changes between revisions.
  2. User Special Fields there is now a 'File Name (DSNC)' button.  This Field will populate with the filename as configures under Setup>Tables>DSNC record control button.


The overall time to load datasheet templates, and views, has been significantly reduced.   User will more readily adopt the Datasheet capabilities now they load so much quicker.

May 2019

New Formatting Options 

  1. The formatting options now include rotated text, inserting images 
  2. Datasheets now Export Directly to Excel.
  3. Easy access to previous Datasheet Revisions using the new fly-out window.