If you try to Activate a license and it fails we can activate them manually.


  • User Email or Serial Numbers are incorrect
  • Incorrect Product is selected when applying a license.
  • Network communication issues with our servers.


  • Double check the email is the same as the registered email for this license.
  • Double check the serial number has been entered correctly.
  • Double check you are entering the serial number on the correct product.
  • Manually activate the license
    1. Get the Machine ID of the client computer that will use the software

We will need the Machine Id from the computer that is going to be activated.

2. Enter the Activation Code

We will send you an activation code that needs to be entered manually. 

  • Once you receive this code from ECE, navigate to: http://localhost:1968/SoftwareLicenses
  • Find the product you with to activate and use the Manually Activate License Button
  • Now enter the registered email, serial number, and activation code