The Worx Plugin's commands are showing Unknown command at the command line.


Installing a newer version of AutoCAD after installing the Worx Plugins.

Strict installation policies.


You'll have to NETLOAD each plugin. If the Worx Plugins Ribbon is not showing you will need to NETLOAD the RIBBONWorx.dll as well.

  1. At the command line in AutoCAD run the command NETLOAD
  2. Navigate to the installation directory, the default location is: C:\Program Files\ECE Design\Worx Plugins\AutoCAD
  3. Each plugin is loaded by its own dll. Select the needed plugin.
  4. Select open.


You can only load one dll at a time. To load more than one plugin at a time, you will need to run NETLOAD for each plugin.

After you NETLOAD a Worx Plugin once, it should auto-load in that version of AutoCAD subsequent openings.