The ECE License Manage is delivered electronically and can be downloaded here: Download Page.  The ECE License Manager is installed with the Worx Plugins on the individual workstations but for the Network License Server, ECE provides a separate install just for the ECE License Manager so only the necessary software is installed on the Server.

Once downloaded on your Network License Server, please follow the below instructions:

Step 1: Navigate to the download folder and find the ECE Licensing Service Installer.exe  file

Step 2: Right click and select Properties. If the option to Unblock is available at the bottom of the window, select to unblock, then Press “OK”.

Step 3: Right click again and select Run as Administrator.  This will launch the installation application.

Step 4: Once installed open a Web Browser on the Network License Server and Navigate to http://localhost:1968.

Step 5: After opening the webpage (http://localhost:1968), navigate to the "Local Licenses" tab. Find the Network application (row) to register in the grid and press the "Unlock Button".  

Step 6: Once the email and serial are populated, press the green check box to activate the license.  This will initiate communication to the ECE Licensing website to automatically acquire and activate the license.  If successfully activated, the page will be updated and the Expiry Date and status will be filled in properly. Once Expires Dates are displayed,

The server is now licensed and ready.