Once the ECE License Service is installed on the Network Server and the license is installed, there is the task of pointing all the User Machines to the server.  This can be automated as follows:

  • Setup a single client:
    1. Install the Worx Plugins on the client machine.
    2. Open a Web Browser and navigate to http://localhost:1968
    3. Click on the Network License Servers Button.  
    4. Once the page loads, Click on the Green Plus Sign to add a remote network license server.
    5. Enter the IP Address of the Remote License Server as shown below.  The default port is 1968.  If the port number needs to be changed then please contact support.
    6. Once entered, the display will show the Network License Server and available licenses.
  • Navigate to C:\ProgramData\ECE Design\License Manager and copy the "remotelicenseserver.db" file.
  • This file can be remotely deployed to all other users and placed in the same directory.
  • After the file is deployed to C:\ProgramData\ECE Design\License Manager\remotelicenseserver.db, the ECE License Service must be restarted.