In the fast-paced world of industrial piping projects, efficiency is paramount. Every day counts, and ensuring seamless coordination among team members is crucial to project success. 

Here, we introduce the Management of Change (MOC) solution of SaaS Mechanical and explain how the built-in Work Orders for managing and tracking team member task assignments related to piping isometric drawing production using either AutoCAD® PLANT 3D or CADWorx® Plant.

SaaS Mechanical centralizes the assignment and management of drawing filenames defined within project line lists. Work Orders are just as effective in managing other deliverables. Let's explore how this innovative project management tool transforms workflows by repurposing those line lists containing columns for their filenames.

Effortless Work Order Creation

Gone are the days of cumbersome paperwork and some nebulous manual assignment processes. With SaaS Mechanical, creating new Work Orders requires just a few clicks to set assignees, approvers, external reference numbers, descriptions, and estimates for their duration.


The process is intuitive and hassle-free. By streamlining the task creation process, SaaS Mechanical empowers users to focus on what truly matters—assigning tasks and getting the job done.

Enhanced Collaboration with Work Order Watchers

Effective collaboration is critical to project success, and MOC Work Orders facilitate seamless communication among team members. By adding Work Order Watchers, users can ensure that all stakeholders are kept in the loop regarding change notifications, comments, and status updates. This level of transparency promotes accountability and encourages collaborative problem-solving, ultimately driving the project forward more efficiently.


Drawing Assignments from Line Lists

Project line lists are a core resource for piping projects. Within them are columns for unique piping routes, defined as LineTags here. SaaS Mechanical line lists include filename columns, which Work Orders use to set deliverable requirements.

Assigning drawings or deliverables directly from SaaS Mechanical Line Lists is easy.

Here is how the process works.  Users navigate to project line lists, add rows, and then launch worksheet mode to populate LineTags and their related piping isometric filenames. After saving, the filenames can be added to one or more Work Orders in bulk.  These represent Documents to be produced by Work Order assignees. Defining piping isometric filenames early in the process is critical to grouping them into Work Orders and provides project team members with a clear understanding of what they must produce.


Real-time Tracking of Line List Changes

One of the standout features of Work Orders is its ability to track all related line list changes in real time. By monitoring modifications and updates closely, designers, engineers, and project managers can ensure that changes are limited to only the assigned LineTags. This proactive approach minimizes errors and fosters greater transparency and accountability across the board.

SaaS Mechanical is set to record changes automatically. Users must select a Work Order first when entering worksheet mode. This selection will limit the LineTags list data to the records associated with assigned piping isometric drawings and automatically save all data changes to the Work Orders.  This way, value changes are captured in the Work Order ‘Data Changes’ log.

Work Orders can log line list data changes


Structured Progression through Stage Gates

Work Orders follow a structured progression through predefined stage gates, ensuring clarity and accountability at every step of the process. They start as Open and are set to Work In Progress (WIP) while the deliverables are created. Once published in PDF files, piping isometrics can be issued for approval (IFA), progress to approval, and ultimately set as closed. Each stage gate is meticulously designed to keep production assignees and approvers on track. SaaS Work Orders help prevent bottlenecks and ensure timely project completion by providing clear milestones and deadlines.


Subject Matter Expert (SME) state for Enhanced Problem-Solving

Work orders can be set to subject matter expert mode in situations requiring additional clarification or information. This feature empowers designated resources to add clarifications or provide further insights, helping to overcome obstacles and keep the project moving forward. By leveraging the expertise of key team members, Work Orders facilitate efficient problem-solving and drive continuous improvement.


Ready to take control of Piping Isometric drawing Production?

In conclusion, SaaS Mechanical's MOC module is a game-changing tool that streamlines piping isometrics and other mechanical assignments and management. From effortless Work Order creation and document assignment to real-time tracking of line list changes and enhanced collaboration, this innovative feature empowers teams to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently. Ready to unlock the full potential of your projects? Embrace the power of SOCKETWorx as a Service today.