Software License Activation

This is an easy process.  Every software license is issued by the ECE Orders Team.

After purchasing annual subscriptions, licenses are associated with a Registration Email address and a Serial Number.

Therefore, you MUST have the following before proceeding:

  • The Registration Email address, and 
  • Worx Plugin serial number(s) before proceeding.

After opening the webpage (http://localhost:1968), navigate to the "Local Licenses" tab. Find the application you wish to register in the grid and press the "Unlock Button".  

Once this email and serial are populated, press the green check box to activate the license.  This will initiate communication to the ECE Licensing website to automatically acquire and activate the license.  If successfully activated, the page will be updated and the Expiry Date and status will be filled in properly. Once Expires Dates are displayed, the Worx Plugins are activated and can be launched within CAD on the workstation.