March 2020

My Approver MOCs Added to Header Control

Users can quick filter to MOCs for which they are the approver.

Large File Upload

Users can associate a file up to 125GB large to an MOC. This file can then be downloaded via the Reference Documents tab or the applicable MOC.

November 2019

Primary Document Change Order Accumulates PDF Markups
Users can associate markups to SOCKETWorx document changes orders.  Once assigned they have to be progressed to an Issued for Approval status before parent change orders can be progressed to Issued for Approval.  Makes sense, right?

October 2019

SOCKETWorx MOC Module interface and workflow improvements

Users have been pushing ECE hard for the last 6 months and we are reacting.  

The latest release includes many enhancements.  

Dashboard Updates

MOC System has been added to the dashboard widgets.  Also, the document Markup Status displays the same status categories as the MOC System providing consistency between them.


Header Control Enhancements

Yeah, we keep modifying the interface, but it comes from User feedback and expanding functionality. We hope you like what we've done to the Header Controls

  1. The Primary Controls allow Users to add and Document Revision Orders (DRO) and assign it to SOCKEtWorx Users so they can start processing them. Ultimately, someone needs to approve DROs, so SOCKETWorx now enables a SOCKETWorx User to be assigned this Role.

    There is a new Subject Matter Expert (SME) button. This button allow DROs to be flagged SME which means someone has been engaged to consult on it. SME can be applied to DROs in the OPEN and WIP statuses

    Lastly, DROs can be associated to ECE Help Desk Tickets. This integration centralizes and streamlines associated communications. If Users simply subscribe to they can leverage this feature.

  2. The Secondary Controls enable Users to extract a DRO report, clear filters and refresh the view to sync with updates made by other Users.

  3. A new Global Filter section was added so users can quickly narrow their focus to a list of specific DROs by status.

Record Control Enhancements

Users keep wanting more information and integration at the Record Level and ECE is delivering.
Again, we hope you like what we've done to the Record Controls

Information, Information, Information

The Info button now expands a left hand flyout which contains 1) Record information, 2) Timing data, and 3) Correspondence 

Related Data, hey look there is more!

Click the Chevron to on DRO records and expose all the associated data.  Here you'll find 1) the list of associated documents, 1) the list of Attached Drawings, 2) all the associated Audit Data, and 3) a listing of all Attached Documents.  Keep your eye on this section because a tab for Markups will show up soon!

All these enhancement are helping improve the Management of Change process for Document Revision Orders, so don't hesitate deploying the SOCKETWorx MOC Module!

May 2019

SOCKETWorx MOC Module has been released!

This optional module is used to capture and process documentation changes associated with MOCs. Drafting Orders are created where documents are quarantined  manually, or automatically, so they can be revised, approved and released for consumption using a robust workflow.

Once activated, it begins capturing database record change events and determines if associated documents like drawings and datasheets are affected.  Users set the processing rules by 1) setting Table fields as document visible and 2) associating those documents.  In this way, SOCKETWorx automatically captures which documents need to be revised based upon data changes.

Systematically, SOCKETWorx MOC helps companies process Document Revision Orders associated with their Management of Change systems