The combination of the CADWorx® user shapes and the steps needed to slice the cable tray cause the cable tray to be missed in a bill of material.


CADWorx® does not process modified user shapes.


After users slice the cable tray objects, they must use the Generic Attach command.

This command can be accomplished by either selecting Generic Attach from the CADWorx Plant I ribbon or by simply typing GENERIC within the AutoCAD® command line. This command will pop up a Generic Attach dialog that will allow the user to hand enter Alpha Size, Short, Annotation, Long Annotation, etc...

Once all data has been recorded the user will now use the Attach button at the bottom of the dialog and follow all CADWorx® prompts to complete the Generic Attach process.


Please note that once the entire slice routine has been completed the user will need to EXPLODE the CADWorx® user shape (cable tray) to attach the generated generic data to the cable tray. The user shape needs to be an AutoCAD® 3D solid. 

Please also note that the Specification the user has set on the CADWorx® Spec View palette will be the spec set on the Generic Attach dialog box.