After using SPECWorx to convert CADWorx project files into AutoCAD P3D files, you can add them to the P3D Conent directories.  The process involves downloading content and placing it there. 

ECE Design will provide the converted specification in a zip file. Please follow the steps outlined below to deploy the specifications in AutoCAD Plant3D. 

  1. Download and extract the zip file locally in your machine. 
  2. Close all instances of AutoCAD Plant 3d in your machine.
  3. Go to the computer drive containing the AutoCAD Plant3d 20XX Content folder. (In most cases it's in C drive).
  4. Create a new folder inside the AutoCAD Plant3d 20XX Content folder named 'CPak SPECWorx'.
  5. Copy the contents of the extracted zip folder in the 'CPak Specworx' folder.
  6. If the converted specification has user shapes in it. The converted user shape blocks will be provided in a separate zip file. Please extract the zip file and copy its contents in the 'CPak Specworx' folder as well.
  7. Once all the files are copied restart Plant 3d.
  8. The specs in the 'CPak Specworx' folder are now ready to be used in Plant 3d projects.
  9. All specs need to be connected with a Catalog. 
    1. When the converted SPEC is initially opened in the SPEC Editor you will get a promt to browse for a Catalog.
    2. Browse to the relative PCAT File to make the SPEC to Catalog connection.

NOTE: 20XX refers to the version of AutoCAD PLANT 3D available on the user's computer.