This article describes a few simple steps to access and browse CADWorx and AutoCAD PLANT 3D pipe specs online.

Browse to and navigate to its SPECWorx module.  There you can upload, view, inspect, and output CADWorx *.prj file content.  SPECWorx is Software as a Service, so you will need access to at least one paid subscription. 

Begin by using an HTML browser like Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome and browse to and login

Next, follow the numbered bubbles that will navigate you to the Spec by Groups and by Parts processors. Use them to filter for optional components, comments, and errors.

  1. Find the SPECWorx under the Module Navigation  
  2. Once SPECWorx loads, use the dropdown list to set your Company Name.
  3. Uploading PRJ files is a Role privileged, so authorized, you can single-click to start the upload process. Satisfy the upload PRJ popup window.  
    There must be at least one PRJ file row in the SPECWorx table to continue.
  4. Single-click the first column chevron, and the Specification and Project Revision sub-tables display.  Single-click again to collapse.
  5. Activate the Specifications tab.  
  6. Launch the Groups processor
  7. Launch the Specification Parts processor

The Groups (6) and Parts (7) processors display tables.  The Groups table is fixed and the Part table is customizable.  

Use the Part processor header controls to:

  • Add and save custom views
  • Email the table as Excel files to yourself and others
  • Open branch tables, and 
  • Filter by All, Optional, & Errors

Single-click column headers to sort.

Single-click column ellipsis to apply filters.