Setup Reporting Filenames - Setup

Turn on Report Revision Controls - Users & Setup

Issue, Download, Compare Revisions - Users


SOCKETWorx offers Report Revision controls.
This article explains how to set data views as 'Revision Reports'.
Once set, users can issue, download, compare, and roll back Report Revisions.
Excel file output can be customized to include SQL data columns, filters, and sort orders.

Most often Report Templates originate from existing Excel workbooks.  Uploading workbooks to become SWx Report Templates is common and fully supported.  

Simply stated, snapshots of SWx Data View can be saved as Report Revisions.
Here we describe the setup and then how to process report deliverables.


Setup Report File Naming Convention

Users with Setup>Tables must set the report filename convention.  Every Table has a Row Control for this.

The pop-up offers all the available attributes that can be selected to form filenames.  Except for the addition of user-defined '_STATIC:' fields, this list is fixed.

Turn on Report Revision Controls

TData Views can be authored by many users. Every view can be set to be under Report Revision Control.
That setting is located on the Create/Edit View form. Users access it by navigating to the View Manager Edit option.

The form is identical to the one displayed when setting views under Setup below.


Navigate to Setup>Views and use the edit button to launch the form.  Usee the check box to active revision control.

Issue, Download, Compare, and Rollback Revisions

Reports are simply snapshots of accumulated data. These Report Revisions are stored in Amazon S3 stores when issued. Report Revisions can be downloaded and compared to another revision.

Issue Report Revision.

 This processor will add the next revision starting with <Rev>=1.  Reports are emails to users and optionally to cc and bcc recipients./p>

Download Revision.

Once revisions exist they can be downloaded by selecting one or more from the list.  NOTE: use the Ctrl Key to select multiples.

Compare Two Revisions.

 Once revisions exist they can be compared.  Select two Revisions and the compare SWx processor goes to work finding all the differences and colorizes them.