VIEWWorx is a powerful drawing plugin for AutoCAD that allows users to generate layout drawings effortlessly. It is designed to target objects that are to be included withing plan, elevation, section and isometric Views, Clipped Views. Many users arecreating drawing from AutoCAD PLANT 3D or CADWorx, but it works with any AutoCAD Object.

Automatically, or Semi-Automatically, insert clipped vports into Layouts with many scaling and positioning controls.  VIEWWorx offers the flexibility to create a set of layout drawings within minutes or simply add an auxillary detail views within seconds.

This article guides you through the process of using VIEWWorx to automatically create drawings using preconfigured templates, or semi-automatically by adding VIEWWorx Named Views to any AutoCAD Layout Tab as new Vports.

4 Easy Steps

  • Step 1: Installation includes...
  • Step 2: Navigating the VIEWWorx Palette
  • Step 3: Adding clipped views
  • Step 4: Creating layout drawings

Step 1: Install VIEWWorx

If you have not already, download and install the WorxPlugins. VIEWWorx installs with all the other Worx Plugins. It requires a license, so please request an evaluation license if trialing.

Step 2: Open the VIEWWorx palette

Open the AutoCAD drawing file from which you want to create layout drawings. This can be a drawing comprised of XREFerneces. Identify the objects you want to include in your layout views. These objects could be components, structures, or any other elements you wish to highlight in your layout drawings. ProTip: Assemble XREFerneces for purpose, like Layout drawings.

Step 3: Insert Named Views picking Objects

Start the processor and VIEWWorx inserts a bounding box around it. Continue picking objects outside the box and it will grow in size to surround all selected. Each side of the bounding boxes can serve as layout Vports. When inserting a bounding box, provide a name for easy identification, specify an offset if needed, and set the active sides needed as Vports.

Step 4A (Automatic): Select Drawing Templates

Once the bounding boxes are in place, VIEWWorx has already generated Named Views. To insert them as scaled Vports into drawing Layout Tabs, VIEWWorx Templates must exist that include the desired Views. The standard pre-configured views are available; Top, Front, Right, Left, Back, Bottom and all the isometrics too. A template must be selected before drawings can be generated automatically.

Step 4B (Semi-Automatic): Insert Named Views into any Layout Tab

Many times, users simply want to insert one or more sides of a box into an existing drawing. On the VIEWWorx Layout tab is where users find the views to add, set an insertion scale, and places any of the active drawing Layout Tabs. 

Arrange the named views create organized and professional-looking layout drawings. By following these steps, you can leverage VIEWWorx to efficiently create layout drawings within AutoCAD, incorporating named views, bounding boxes, and customizable border templates to effectively communicate detail designs. 

Video demonstration.