Use Case

Extracting material take-off reports from 3D models is as fundamental as it gets in PLANT design.  Fortunately, CADWorx PLANT (CWX) users have a property named Program Code that can be used to filter by.  It is kind of an invisible property, but if you look closely you'll find it all over the place like the Component Edit dialog and as a column in the spec editor.  It is not an editable property, so it is application-driven and therefore highly reliable.

It is worth noting that many of these codes are just as applicable on when using AutoCAD PLANT 3D, because MTOWorx automatically populates those values when accumulating the parts.

WorxProject Example Use Case

Worx Settings

The C:\ProgramData\ECE Design\WorxProjects content leverages Program Code filtering as seen below within the WIP Pipe Only grid.  Connet to these sample projects to explore the following use cases including all the Worx Settings.

Open the CWX or P3D piping models within the WorxProjects.

C:\ProgramData\ECE Design\WorxProjects\CWX\Models\CWX_PipingModel.dwg,

P3D: Open the WorxSampleProject and the piping model within.

C:\ProgramData\ECE Design\WorxProjects\_P3D\WorxPluginSample\Project.xml, and open P3D_PipingModel.dwg

Launch MTOWorx and open the Model BOM tab.

Expand the Grids Control and set the Piping and SINGLE filters.

Set the View equal to "WIP Pipe Only"

The last column is set to the Program Code, PC, field.  

Click on the Header Filter and launch the Custom Filter Dialog to set values.
Once set, click the Save button located between the Refresh Grid and Remove Filter buttons.

In V2022.318 and later, the custom header values be prepopulated and not dependent upon the underlying data.

Setup & Configuration

Worx Settings

Pipe Table Headers. Since the text string 'program code' would result in a column that is too wide, its MTOWorx Column Display name was altered to PC.  In this way, a double click on the right edge of that column would minimize its width to the desired state.

Pipe Grid Manager.  Added Program Code to the WIP Pipe Only grid because it is being used for the overall accumulation filter when set to 1 which is the Program Code for Pipe.

Program Codes to use can be searched for under the Snapshot Program Code Filter section

Setting here affects all Snapshot accumulations, but not the grids.
Here is where you can learn that Program 1 is for Pipe, 24 for Stud Bolts, 173 for Welds which are some good ones to remember.