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Error reading data for component

So I needed to add a flanged 2" 900 ANSI check valve into the project. I open up the catalog data table for CHK_FL_900, added a main size of 2", filled in the HUBOD and the Length, saved the updates and returned to the project spec file. I then opened up the 900 specs, found the Check valve, FLG, 900lb, checked the Data Table Update Only box, changed the size range to include the 2" size, and applied the changes. I closed the Spec. Editor and refreshed the drawing. I choose the CHECK VALVE, FLG, 900LB (2,3,4,6-8). And received the Error reading data for component. Did I forget to do something or should I have done something different?


Any help would be great.

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There are a couple areas to check, make sure you Review Updates in your spec so the new info is transferred in the the spec.

Make sure you reload the spec in CADWorx after any spec changes (RELOADPRJ command) 

Also make sure you have 2" end your end conditions, maybe the 900 flanged class doesnt have 2" in it.



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