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2812-Creating New and Re-Defining Existing ISOGEN Symbol Keys

All components output on ISOGEN isometric drawings are defined by a unique code called a symbol key (SKEY). ISOGEN uses a built-in SKEY library to draw the various piping components on the isometric. Many of the symbols in the library can be changed or redefined, whereas others are fixed by the program and cannot. Every component in a CADWorx specification needs to have a default ISOGEN SKEY assigned. Sometimes you may want a different representation of the component on the final isometric. To do this, you can either redefine the library symbol if it can be changed, or you can create an entirely new symbol and substitute it for the default symbol. This session will teach you all you need to know about ISOGEN SKEYs. You’ll get hands-on with the latest Symbol Editor version, using it to create an entirely new SKEY, plus change an existing SKEY for a component.

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