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Gear operator - Hand wheel height

I'm trying to update topworks in the catalog & spec editor.  I've run into an issue on gear operated ball valves.  There does not seem to be an explicit dimension to locate the handwheel above the centerline of the valve.  Instead it seems to have some relationship to other values that are, in my opinion, of much less importance.  Our main concern with valve operators is always ease of access, I don't understand why this value isn't explicitly offered up front and center.  I can update the handwheel thickness and number of spokes but not this value?

(12.9 KB)

I have never found these topworks to be very good about locating the dimensions you need.  We take the stance in modeling the actuator and adding it as a custom vs. the data fields.

How it is possible to add obstruction on the lever of a ball valve in the way to close to provide space and operability?


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