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Concurrent CAD and CAE with CADWorx and GT STRUDL

Hey, if you didn't get a chance to attend CAUx in Houston this year in 2016, attached is the presentation and the demo *.gti files that I used during the session.  

The synopsis for this session was:

During this workshop, participants will create a multi-level, rigid 3D frame in GT STRUDL’s CAD-based modeler with the aid of built-in GT STRUDL macros and will engineer it to comply with a written corporate structural design standard. Attendees will accomplish the following:

• Transfer/Translate written engineering practices to GT STRUDL

• Convert a CAD model to a CAE analytical model within CAD

• Apply loads and group members within CAD

• Analyze and size members within GT STRUDL

• View and report the results within GT STRUDL and CAD

• Transfer the analysis model back to a CAD platform for detailing

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