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Spool Piece Identifier Options (Fab Spool Tags)

Does anyone have any recommendations on getting custom spool piece tags in conjunction with using Isoworx to rename iso numbers and continuations?

Ideally we would like to create and manage our model line numbers by Client line number systems (Ex: WW1234, P4567, ST5544, etc.).  Then use Isoworx to rename file names, iso dwg numbers and iso continuations per Client assigned iso drawing numbers (Ex: ISO-99-7463, ISO-99-7464, ISO-99-7465, etc.).  This creates a problem with the spool piece tag numbers not matching the newly assigned iso dwg numbers.

The only other option we had before was to manually break the model into Client assigned iso numbers which generates an almost unmanageable amount of model line numbers on large projects.

Any ideas?

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