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ISOGEN Dimensions

I have a question in iConfigure dimensions.  I have set the dimension lines and material list and text to an actual thickness of 0.00mm in the graphics definition file.  I have looked in the DDF file and can not find what i'm looking for.  

When dropping out iso's all of my dimension lines and boxes for material is coming in at a pline width of .0039.  I have checked my templates for plinewid and set to 0.  i have checked my layers and they are all set to default 0.  I am thinking to set the thickness of a pline coming from ISOGEN it has to be somewhere in the configuration files.  Where to look next?  Anyone have any ideas?  


If you set the value of Thickness Actual for Dimension-Lines (under Drawing Area>Graphics>Definitions) to 0.0001 this should produce dimension lines with a width of 0 in your isometric.

It will only show 2 decimal places in the editor after you've set it.

How do you get to "Isogen configuration"?

Sorry for renewing an old thread but there is a minor catch with this solution, when setting anything to 0.0001 in the actual thickness it disappears from the preview Iso in the isogen configuration. Unless this is isolated to me setup?

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