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Anyone know how to rename a project style?


The safest way we have found is to Copy the style, then choose a new name for the new style and finally delete the old style.

You can try to rename it through explorer, this is unsupported, but in a quick test it seemed to work. Im not sure if there could be any long term repercussions, so proceed with caution

  • Close IConfigure and make sure no one else is in it.
  • Navigate to your ISOGEN Projects Directory
  • Open ProjectList.xml in an xml editor and rename the style in there.
  • Then rename the Style directory to match the new name given in the previous xml file
  • Then find the STYLE.xml located in the style directory and rename it to match that of the new name.
  • Finally open in IConfigure and test and be sure to re-export under the new name.

I used the "Copy the style and paste to a new name" method.


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