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Body Bleeds on Valves

I have been tasked by one of my engineers to help them capture the body bleeds that come off larger valves (6"NS+) on a BOM for procurement purposes. These body bleeds consist of a 1" nipple, ball valve, and a plug which screw directly to the body of the valve. We are trying to figure out the easiest way to capture this in our model for when we generate project BOMs. Is there a way that we can build this into the spec (other than adding it to the long description), like for the valve to have design grips as a user shape would? If not, any ideas?

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Hi Larry,

The closest thing I can think of is to create an Assembly.

Add your large valve, then tap it where you need the port. Then add your nipple, valve, and plug.

When you create your assembly, just choose the red items as shown below:

Then when you insert it into the model it will ask you for a new size and you can choose from the list. It may also move the tap point around after insertion, I don't see any what to control that.



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