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2D-Rep a viewport, broken centerline?

When you use the 2DREP command on a viewport, does anyone know of a way to make the centerline of a section of a pipe show as continuous instead of being broken up into sections?  This is if another pipe is overlaid on top of it, and the user uses the "solids and centerlines" option to 2DREP.

when you have lines on top of each other and using the 2drep command you generally get multiple clines on top of each other due to the pipes stacked on each other.  you can use the overkill command and eliminate these additional lines.

Thanks for the response Todd.  Your response might be part of the workaround.  What I'm curious about is if there's a way to mend the lines together into one continuous center line?

There is an option in the overkill command to mend the small line segments. You can also use the PEDIT->Join option

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