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CADWorx Plant Autoroute: Elbow Face Up [Reposted from]

When in AutoRoute, How do I get an inserted elbow to face up. Used to the tools gave you an option for face up.

I am in plan view.

You will need to 3DOrbit your view in order to get the elbow in the vertical. You can use Shift+Middle mouse button to use the orbit command while in another command.

The only other option is to place the elbow in space and there it gives you the option to place it in the vertical.

Ok so with CAD Worx 2015 Can you turn of Auto Route and use the tool bars like the old days.

I do prefer to use the AutoRouter and Connect functionality, then message the line into its correct position, but you could use the PIPW1 command that will draw pipe only and not go into the autoroute. 

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