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CADWorx & Navisworks: Layer by Line Number [reposted from]

Is it required to model with layer by line number set for the individual line numbers to show in Naviswork?

Hi Stephen, no it is not required. At the bottom of the linked post,…..orks/#p289

it shows that you can isolate using CADWorx properties.


Is this what you were after?


After further investigation it seems that when I installed the sp1 for navisworks 2014 I lost the ability to select individual cadworx components.  I would select a line and the entire piping model would be highlighted.  I tried changing from geometry to first, to last, nothing.  It would pull the same line number, spec and length for every item I selected.

I went to a different machine that did not have the update and everything worked with same model.  

If you’re using Navis 2014, you should update to SP2 – it fixes the issues that Navis introduced in SP1 regarding CADWorx objects.  Just be sure that any machines working on the same project are all using SP2, as I understand that Autodesk has recognized there can be issues with different machines using different SP’s on Navis 2014.

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