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Suppress Small Bore in I-Configure 2014 [reposted from]

Previously, option 81 (POS 4-7 or something like that) was used to suppress small bore branches in Isogen. I have found the suppress branch settings in the new I-Config, however, no matter what I set it to, it doesn’t seem to suppress anything.

I am using the dimension format Basic and have my Suppress Branch Dimensions set to Nominal Size: 1″ and Component Count: 5. Is there something I am missing here? Thanks.

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Currently have a similar need, to suppress branch connections with nipples on branches that are 2". I've tried setting the nominal size to 50 with no luck. Any suggestions?

If you use pipe instead of a nipples on branches I’m pretty sure that the suppressing controls don’t function as expected.

Try a nipple instead of a pipe and see if that helps……

Hi Shawn,

Try setting the nominal size to 26 for metric (rounded up). Even though my settings are for inches, I need to input that one as metric

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