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Dummy Legs on Small Bore Piping [reposted from]

We are new to CADWorx and came across a pipe support I am having trouble trying to add in the model. We have a typical small bore threaded tee that requires the standard plug on one end and the dummy support welded to the plug. I have tried adding the dummy support for pipe and a tee and cannot seem to get the results we require. Below is a screen shot of what I am getting.

If you are using a tee support, it can only go under the tee and not out one of the ends.

As a work around, you could try to plug the tee, then add pipe to the end of the plug and call the pipe a dummy leg

Matt what if you have a client that does not allow you to use the tee with plug and pipe for dummy leg?  Can we add a dummy support off of a threaded or socketweld 90?

Hi Todd, It looks like you can do that. I just created a DL elbow support using the Pipe_I.sup from the OOTB 2015 spec

Is this what you are after?

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