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Exporting Custom Data {reposted from]

I’ve created a custom field on some components for notes. The issue I’m facing now is exporting that field to the database. Is there a way to do this?




It is possible to get Custom Fields to an MSAccess database using the CADWorx ‘Create Database’ function.

Key is to have Components in the model that have Custom Fields.  Then Create a new project database.  Be sure to make sure the project cfg file is active and it will be update too.

Once this is done, the database should have the Custom Fields and the BOM dialog will list this Fields too.

Give this a try and see if this works for you.

This is version dependent and it should work with V2014 SP2 and later.


I would like to add, make sure your custom data field names follow MS Access naming conventions or you could run into issues.

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