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Dummy Leg in Support Modeler [reposted from]

How would I create a dummy leg in the cadworx 2014 support modeler?  Everything I have tried will only let me attach to pipe, not to an elbow.  The attachment type is greyed out.

Once the support is created, you cannot change its type. The type will need to be selected when making the item in your PRJ.

Thank you.  I thought it might be something easy like that.

Now what if I wanted to add a shoe to the dummy leg?  It looks like the dummy leg support can’t have a shoe support added onto it.  Do I have to create a separate support in the prj?  If I have a separate support in the prj then I will have to have a separate standard detail to call out a dummy leg with a shoe (which we don’t currently have).  I would rather be able to add a shoe support onto the dummy leg support.

Unfortunately there is no way to place a support on a support. One work around we see quite frequently is to draw pipe for the dummy leg and mark it existing, then attach the shoe to the dummy leg.

I hope this makes sense,


we do what Matt is talking about often except we leave as new and change the long description to read your Dummy Leg callout and have the shoe call out in the BOM. You will have to tap the pipe with the center of ell for it to drop out.


How can the Quantity for the dummy leg be changed to 1 instead of the "length of pipe" in this example?

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