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Adding Pipe Anchors in Spec Editor [reposted from]

How do I add a Pipe Anchor to the spec?

Also, is it possible to make it so that it will scale in size to the beam being used?

There are several types of supports that you could use as an anchor. When you create a support in the PRJ, you can assign the Caesar support type.

In the example below, I have shown the BeamClamp. You can see there is a size range that you will apply to have it different for different sizes.

When inserting a BeamClamp in CADWorx if you turn on Detect Steel, it will determine the correct width for the beam clamp to match the beam.

Thanks Matt, that helped a lot!

shawn.pickering39290900 said 

Thanks Matt, that helped a lot!

Glad to hear it. Thanks for following up.



I got it to work the first time, and now I am not sure what happened. I an error when hitting add in the .prj file that says:

“Beam clamp must be at end of support assembly”

Can’t figure out what I did differently. Frown


The BEAM CLAMP should be included in the assembly and at the bottom of your assembly as well.

Open the Pipe Clamp Support>Add a Beam Clamp. Keep in mind the Beam Clamp is at the bottom, underneath the Pipe Clamp.

Screenshot below should help out.

Hope this makes sense. 

Thanks for the replies guys. That fixed it Elvedin. Sorry not at my usually computer today so I can’t get you the screen shot.

Where is the “detect steel” option to turn on or off?

It is in the Steel Palette, lower left.

Here is a screen shot of the anchors and guides.  We used custom pipe supports:

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