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What topics do you want to see in a CAESAR II ECE Webinar?

Currently we are determining the topics and schedules of ECE Webinars until the end of the year.  What topics do you want to see that would help you understand more about the ICAS tools that drive your business?  

Here's the list of topics that we've come up with so far:

  • Using the accounting module.
  • PSV analysis for closed and open systems.
  • Adding materials to CAESAR II.
  • Earthquake analysis and Underground pipe.
  • Modifying custom reports.
  • Generate stress isometrics tool.
  • How to get CADWorx Steel into CAESAR
  • Common user errors and how to avoid them

Detailed explanations of load cases.

Thanks for the feedback Lonnie! Glad you attended our workshops last week.  Where is the biggest struggle with load cases that you see?  

Thanks for putting on the was great info!  As for the load cases:  The struggle is when to use the appropriate load case.  It seems that if you mess up your load case generation or don't thoroughly understand how they are "built", then your results could be completely useless, and the worse thing is that you may not even know it.   Maybe it's because I haven't done enough digging, but I haven't found a really good source on load case generation.  Seems like that is the last major step (other than interpretation of the results) to building an effective model/analysis of the system.

You're right, it is absolutely the last major step to building an effective model...  There's more that we can do to explain different situations where you might come across different load cases, and why they are applied and for what reason, so I think a workshop on that topic is definitely one to consider.  

Maybe this article is helpful to some extent, I wrote this explaining the occasional load case generation methodology for CAESAR II:  

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