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How to set I-Configure 2016 to be able to see nominal size of nozzle, end termination and rating, like in picture I added in atach? There is any formula to take those intelligence from CADWorx Equipment to insert into I -Configure? or the only way it is to set manually on the description of every nozzle and add name of nozzle and all other detail, and there is any sign to add on the nozzle description to jump to the next row?

I believe you will need to rely on adding them manually. I do not think there is a way to extract that data through ISOGEN. If I find anything different I will pass it along.

I find a way, $ sign will go to next row, now I need to find a way to copy all the data from Standard Nozzle Details to Description auomatic, maybe a LSP or something like that. For Orthogen, when we create nozzle orientation drawing I already create a LSP to take only first 3 character of all text you have selected.

A lisp should work. I have asked HCAS support to see if there is a different way to achieve this other than manually typing this, but it does'nt sound like it.

 Any news from HCAS? Thanks

Also I-Configure 2016 not compatible with AutoCAD 2017 text style, When they will release I-Configure 2017?

They have added this to the list of development. At this time I do not have a time frame of when this will be added to the software.

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