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Supports autoname


Anyone have any idea if it is possible to use autoname on all the supports, to do not stay and input manual name for any support, just define a rules on the beginning of  take from an excel file.


Im not sure I follow, are you stating you want an individual TAG for each support?

Yes, I want to use a formula for an example PS-W10-1000, PS - Pipe Support, Area - W10, Number 1000, I would like to have autoname or something similar for do not stay and type on the TAG on all the supports one by one, and also for reduce human errors to repeat same support name or to use an incorrect support name ... and it is more easy when you want to identify a support and also for fabrication drawing.  

In your PRJ you can create a Tag Schema that would allow you to create your formula. However it does not have an auto-count function. If your Number field is individual for each support, you would need to add the numbers manually after they are inserted. Which pretty much defeats auto numbering.

If you need auto numbering you may try exporting out to a database and updating the TAG fields in the database for each support. Just keep an eye on the project to ensure you dont have duplicates and watch for new supports being added.

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