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Spindle Direction when ISO is dropped out.

Currently, the Spindle when we drop the isometric will read 
"SPINDLE N20 W70" or "N0 UP30". The problem is if you have the spindle 5d off of the verticle you would think it would say "N0 UP85" but it does not. Checkers and fabricators are confused by what it is telling them to do. 
Our checkers would like it to say "SPINDLE FM NTH 20 FM WST 70". Is this possible?


What about changing the alt text for "UP" in isogen to better explain the spindle direction?

default is just U I changed it to UP but for some reason I can have it 5 degrees from top vertical but instead it will tell me the direction and UP 5 degrees when this would be up and 85 degrees.  Right now we are manually changing this for clarification to fabricators.  Would like this spindle to be correct from the drop.  Below I added some screen shots of what it is doing.  As you can see the handle is clearly at 85d from East not 5.



yea. they claim that the information is not good enough.  It doesn't tell them the angle from the correct direction.  if a valve is in the vertical and N20 W70 I see it in the North Direction 20d and the West direction 70d.  They see the opposite.  They want it more clear with the FM N20 and FM W70. 

So then the enhancement would be to add an angle value on the valve orientation?  Or do you think the "N20 W70" etc should inherently change?  



Above you can see the Valve in the vertical seems to work good.  the valve in the horizontal shows S0 and U11.  Seems to me the S0 is correct but the U should be 79?  Can you give me some insight of why it is labeled this way?

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