To pull a .c2v file from your WORX Plugins key simply plug your key into your machine key go to your start menu and navigate to the ECE Design folder. Run the ECE Hasp Update Utility.

Network keys must be removed from the server and plugged into a local workstation unless the WORX plugins are installed on the server prior to this step.


When the application opens up select collect information.



Next, choose a location and a name for the file.

*We always recommend the desktop or creating a folder to house the c2v.


After you have created your c2v file send it to for us to update the key. 


To update your key we will provide you with a v2c file. Open the ECE Hasp Update Utility again but this time select the tab at the top for apply license file.


Click the three dots on the lower right to navigate to you v2c file and select apply update. You have now successfully updated your ECE Design WORX Plugins HASP Key.