SOCKETWorx updates are supplied via Service Packs that can be downloaded from the SOCKETWorx Download Page.

Please follow the below steps to apply a SOCKETWorx Service Pack and update SOCKETWorx to the latest version:

Setting up a Temporary Website Directory

  1. Download the SOCKETWorx Service Pack from the SOCKETWorx Download Page. zip file containing the updated files.
  2. Using Windows Explorer, right-click on SOCKETWorx Manual and select properties
    Unblock the file and select OK.
    • If the Unblock checkbox or icon is not shown, then the file is already unblocked.
  3. Move to the web server currently hosting SOCKETWorx and place
    it alongside the Website directory.
  4. Unzip the file and proceed to the next steps.

Stop the Website

Open internet information services (IIS) and stop the website.

Backup Existing Website Directory

Rename the current SOCKETWorx website directory by appending with an update reference like “-Backup” or the date of update "-20230725".
This represents the previous version and could be restored by simply reverting the directory name.

Rename the SOCKETWorx Manual Update Directory and Copy License

  1. Rename the SOCKETWorx Manual Update directory to the original website name.
  2. Browse to the 'Backup’ directory created above and copy the license.lic file from the bin directory.
  3. Paste the license.lic file into the Website bin directory.
  4. Optionally, repeat the copy and paste of the Website>Content>Stamps directory. 
    • This is only necessary if stamps have been added or removed.

Start the Website

Open Internet Information Services (IIS) and start the website. The website will now be running on the latest version of SOCKETWorx.