Next Version

Fixes and Usability

  • Fixed issue with UNC project pathing.
  • Converted conduit fittings to Python.
  • Fixed some specs containing R24-reducing tees.
  • Network Software Licensing is available.
  • Cleaned up Folder Structure for the Python scripts.
  •  Added Flex Tray specification.

May 2022

  • ELECTROWorx updated to support Plant 3D 2023 with the latest Worx Plugin.

April 2022

  • ELECTROWorx updated to support Plant 3D 2021 and Plant 3D 2022 with the latest Worx Plugin.
  • ELECTROWorx's latest full content installer is dropping support for Plant 3d 2020 and 2019.

February 2022

  • Cable tray covers for straight sections and horizontal bends have been added to ELECTROWorx demo content for AUTOCAD P3D V2022.

January 2022

  • ELECTROWorx is configured to operate with new ECE License Manager.
  • Worx Plugin V2022.## will offer ELECTROWorx that is compatible with AutoCAD P3D V2022 and later.
  • ELECTROWorx for AUTOCAD Plant V2021 & V2020 and earlier will be available with Worx Plugin V2021.245 only.
  • Fixed Cable Tray reducing tee geometry.

December 2021

ELECTROWorx P3D Integration guide is now available 

November 2021

Fixes and Usability (V2021.308.1000)

  • Added the capability to have higher decimal precision for cable tray lengths