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These steps walk you through the basics of creating and viewing PDF Markups using SOCKETWorx.

Markups are for annotating, correcting, and reviewing any PDF document in SOCKETWorx before making changes to the document itself like SPECs.

This is useful for managing changes to important documents, such as SPEC and Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams, which is the example that will be used here.


1: Navigate to the PDF Viewer located in the left-hand menu

2: A dialog box will prompt you to open a PDF to markup

3: Icons at the top of the viewer are used to create Markups

4: Two example Markups are shown

5: Open up the "Properties" fly-out from the right-hand menu

6: Markups can be assigned to a user to review, reflected below the Markup properties

7: A reference and comment can be added to Markups to clarify the Markup's meaning

8: Navigate to PDF Markup Review located in the left-hand menu

9: Properties for each markup created can be viewed here

10: Filters can be added to any column to refine which Markups to view