Add Report Templates

Customizing Report Templates

Sharing Reports, setting them as Global


SOCKETWorx Core includes the SQL and CAD Connectors.
The easy-to-use Reporting interface is online where Excel file output can be customized to include SQL data columns. Adding SQL Columns of data and setting filters against them produces Excel Reports.

Most often report templates originate from existing Excel workbooks that have been uploaded to SOCKETWorx where they reside and can be customized.

Keep it simple by creating a Data View that can double as Excel reports,

This article is a step-by-step method to add Table Reports which automatically creates global companion Data Views
These Data Views are owned by Report Template authoring users.   

Add Report Templates

Adding Report Templates is accomplished under Settings>Report Manager.  Click the Add button to get started.

The New Report Template popup defaults to a View Report, but in this use case changes to a Table Report.
Table reports are associated with specific tables, and automatically create Data View.

View Reports:
Formatted Templates that are applied to data views. SOCKETWorx column headers become output column headers.
Table Reports:
Format templates that define data views. SOCKETWorx column headers can be overwritten, completely controlling column header output. Here are the setting definitions across these two options.

Template Type: Test Report

Template Name:  Enter user-friendly display names

Data Start Row:  Set the Excel row number where data will start populating on export.
Important: The row above becomes the only row SOCKETWorx Fields can be inserted.

Table: Select a Table from the active connection.
Important: This action automatically adds uneditable Data Views.  All Table Reports must be modified using Setup.

Disable AutoFilters?:  Checking this box will cause Excel column filters to be disabled.

Diagrams Script Report?: Setting this to On, enables DIAGRAMS AutoScripting assignments and communications.

Customizing Report Templates

Static Fields

Before editing report templates, consider using SOCKETWorx Static Fields.
There are various types like fixed value, list limited, and images.
These fields are unique per SQL or CAD Connection but they can be copied between them. 

Single Click on the Static Fields button to add and remove in the setup popup window.

Add a new text field or an image using the menu 'plus sign' buttons.
Important: All Static Fields become accessible in SOCKETWorx Datasheets.

SOCKETWorx Static Fields for Excel Report Templates

Template Formatting

Click on the Report Template Edit buttons located on every row in the Report Manager.  This launches the template into a worksheet mode where users format them.

The Template editor has two rows of header controls.
Located on Row 1 are the Static and Database Field controls.
Open field insert palette and Clear active cell of SOCKETWorx fields

The field insert palette has two pages; Static adn Feilds.  

Associate them to worksheet cells by:

1) Set a cell or merged cells active.

2) Double click a field from the list.  Use the Filter to limit the list.

Optionally, Column header value overrrides, filters and sorting expressions can be set to satisfy reporting use cases. 

Use the Save button on header row 1, and close the editor.

Sharing is automatic as My Global Views

Once saved, all users with permissions will see Table Reports under the Data Views drop-down list.