SOCKETWorx connects to SQL databases and provides an easy-to-use interface to extract, load, and transfer to Excel; basic reporting.

Project database Tables are read by SOCKETWorx and then columns are selected to create Data Views.  View also doubles as reports when exporting with the Default Quick Report Template, or custom Reports and Report Templates.

This article is geared toward setting up SOCKETWorx Reports which then automatically creates Data Views.
Project Data Views are added and owned by users and they can not be altered by others users.  Data Views can be set invisible to other users or set as Global to share.  Whereas Reports are always visible and can not be modified by any users.

Creating Report Templates

Adding Report Templates is accomplished under Settings>Report Manager.  Click the Add button to get started.

The New Report Template popup form is where set as either 1) Quick Report, or 2) Report templates.

Quick Report Templates: Assigned project data views from any table.
Report Templates:  Assigned to specific tables

Set these parameters and click the form check button to save them.
Template Type:  Set to Report

Template Name:  Enter user-friendly display names

Data Start Row:  Set the Excel row number where data will start populating.  The row above is the SOCKETWorx Header row.

Table:  Set a Table.  This action automatically causes the Report to be displayed under Project Data Views

Disable AutoFilters?:  Checking this box will cause Excel Column Filters to be disabled, or set to off.

Click on the Report Template Editor button to launch it.

Customizing Report Templates

Static Fields

Before editing report templates, consider using SOCKETWorx Static Fields for Images and fixed value fields.  They are unique per Connection but can be copied to repurpose them and cloned to other connections. 

1) Single Click on the Static Fields button in the Report Manager controls header to add and remove them to service reports

2) Add a new text field or an image.
3) Only Read Only fields are applicable to data reports.
Note: Read/Write and List fields are purposeful on SOCKETWorx Datasheets. 

Template Formatting

1) Click the Edit Report Template button.

The Template editor has two rows of header controls.
Located on Row 1 are the Static and Database Field controls.
A) Open field insert palette

B) Clear selected cell

C) Clear all fields  (Caution!)

The righthand palette has two pages.  

Fields are associated with worksheet cells by:

1) Select Field

2&3) Optionally set an alternative header value

4) Optionally set filter expressions

5) Click to set the active worksheet cell

Use the Save button on header row 1, and close the editor.

Keeping it Global

Once saved, all users with access to view Project Data Tables tables will see all Reports under the Data Views drop-down list.