You need to update your Worx Plugins HASP key that is on a remote server


  • Download the utility from this article


  • Copy the ECE Hasp Update Utility.exe file from a computer that has a Worx product installed 
    1. Navigate to one of the following folders and locate the ECE Hasp Update Utility.exe
      1.     C:\Program Files\ECE Design\Worx Plugins\AutoCAD\Support\
      2.     C:\Program Files\ECE Design\DBWorx\Support
    2. Copy ECE Hasp Update Utility.exe
  • Save the file on the remote server that houses the Worx Plugin Key
  • Run the ECE Hasp Update Utility.exe
  • Open the first tab "Collect Status Information"
  • Select the Collect Information button in the lower left of the dialog
  • Send the created C2V file to the requesting person or


If downloading from our site, be sure to unblock the file

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