CADWorx 2016 has now combined the Assidrv folders into one folder directly under the CADWorx 2016 folder.  The new folder is named Utilities.  

Use this Utilities folder for 

1. Generation log files - Use the pulse.exe file for generating log files to "see" what software is on your Intergraph HASP key and for updating your HASP key to the latest version.

2. License Manager - Use the LMSetup.exe to install the license manager for your network HASP Key

3. Nethasp.ini file - Use this file if you need to direct your Intergraph products to a server. This file will typically need to be located in the AutoCAD folder containing the of the executable of the version that you are using to run the software.

4. Aladdin Monitor  - Install this program on your server to see who is currently running the software.  (This will be located in the Monitor folder under the Utilities folder)

5. Information and Readme files - There are many more files in this folder. Read the PDF files for more information.