In the BOM, TAG, or MML palettes, the Bubble Style is not shown. These are required to insert BUBBLEWorx leaders into drawings. When you open the palette you will get some errors like the one shown below.

Error#2007: Failed To Load Tag Bubble Style-The system was unable to load the bubble style. Please select a Bubble Style using the Combo Listbox in the palette.  Ensure a Valid Image is displayed before proceeding.

Your Style drop-down list will be empty like this:


Your Mark and Tag Style Drawing Locations are not found. These are set in the BUBBLEWorx settings as shown below.


To fix the error ensure the Mark and Tag Style Drawing Locations are pathed to a valid drawing that contains the properly formatted blocks.

After the drawings are found with valid blocks, the Style drop-down list will show the resulting blocks to choose from.