Introducing ISOWorx Beta Release: ISOBom Processor

ECE is announcing the beta release of ISO BOM, a simple-to-use tool designed to streamline the processing of piping isometric drawings generated from CADWorx Plant 3D models. Developed with the user in mind, ISOBom Processor automates the extraction, transformation, and loading 'text' bill of material tables into individual Excel files, helping those projects that can repurpose them.

It is worth noting that ISOWorx can be configured to batch drawings containing AutoCAD Tables and output companion Excel files that contain BOMs and WELDS.  But, for those not using this inherent ISOWorx feature, the new ISO BOM can be used to export BOM Excel files after the piping isometrics have been batched using Isogen settings.

This article is for those I-Configure setups that produce text tables within their piping isometric drawings.

If your setup is like this, it provides an automated method of extracting the Text BOMs to Excel files.

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Key Features:

Easy Setup:

ISOBom uses (X,Y) coordinates inputs to locate the ‘text’ piping isometrics bills of material tables produced by CADWorx® Plant.

Automated Extraction:

Say goodbye to manual data extraction! ISOBom Processor automatically extracts drawing BOM information such as Item Identifiers, Sizes, Descriptions, Tags, and Quantities from your isometric drawings, eliminating tedious manual labor.

Flexible Configuration: With ISOBom Processor, you have full control over your data extraction. Set input and output file directories according to your preferences, and optionally include columns for drawing name and Shop/Field designation to generate comprehensive Excel files tailored to your project needs.

Effortless Navigation: 

The ISOBom Processor is conveniently located on the ISOWorx 'ISO BOM Processor' tab, ensuring easy access for users eager to explore the latest ISOWorx service pack and its new features.

How it Works:

Using ISOBom Processor is simple:

Launch ISOWorx and navigate to the 'ISO BOM Processor’ tab.

Specify your desired input and output file directories.

Customize the extraction process by selecting additional columns for drawing name and Shop/Field designation if required.

Let ISOBom Processor do the heavy lifting! Sit back and watch as it automatically processes your isometric drawings, extracting crucial data and organizing it into neatly formatted Excel files.

Get Started Today:

Ready to experience the future of piping isometric drawing processing? Join us in exploring the beta release of ISOBom Processor, which will revolutionize how you manage your project data. Contact ECE and request access to the latest Worx Plugin service pack to use this innovative tool and discover a new level of efficiency and productivity in your workflow.

Feedback Welcome:

Your feedback is invaluable as we refine and enhance the ISOBom Processor. We invite you to share your thoughts, suggestions, and experiences as you explore this beta release. Together, we'll shape the future of piping isometric drawing processing and drive innovation in the industry.

Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to be among the first to experience the power of ISOBom Processor. Download the beta release today and unlock a world of possibilities for your project management needs.

Stay tuned for future updates and announcements as we work tirelessly to bring you the best-in-class solutions for your engineering endeavors.