Improving Piping Design Material Take-off Quality

Industrial piping systems designed using AutoCAD PLANT 3D (P3D) or CADWorx PLANT (CWx) are 'spec-driven.' Still, users often modify parts, compromising purchasing, fabrication, and potentially mechanical integrity. It is now possible to automatically inspect parts within 3D Piping models against parts within pipe specifications.

Two key players in this domain are MTOWorx and SaaS Mechanical, which offer innovative solutions for managing pipe specifications, 3D piping models, and a parts catalog containing parts originating from the specifications. In this article, we'll explore how MTOWorx and SaaS Mechanical enhance the quality of 3D piping models by ensuring accuracy, consistency, and compliance with company standard engineering practices.

Comprehensive Parts Management:

MTOWorx is a Plugin for P3D and CWx that accumulates all 3D piping parts from an active file, providing a comprehensive inventory of components within the piping systems.

SaaS Mechanical complements this by offering a robust parts catalog that contains all the parts specified in corporate piping standards, including sizes, purchasing descriptions, and part numbers.

Discrepancy Detection:

By deploying MTOWorx and SaaS Mechanical, team members worldwide can systematically compare the parts used in the 3D piping model against those in project piping specifications.

Discrepancies in sizes, descriptions, or part numbers are automatically flagged, enabling designers to identify inconsistencies and ensure alignment with corporate standards and specifications.

Quality Control Measures, Collaboration and Efficiency:

Inspecting 3D piping models using MTOWorx and SaaS Mechanical streamlines material extraction. Bills of Material (BOM) are automatically inspected before exporting to Excel workbooks or SaaS Snapshots.  

Ensure accurate descriptions for piping components and quickly identify discrepancies compared to corporate specifications.

Project teams can quickly verify that the selected parts match those in the corporate catalog before starting the ordering process, reducing the risk of purchasing errors.

Standardization and Compliance:

Deploying MTOWorx and SaaS Mechanical promotes standardization and compliance with corporate piping specifications across projects and teams. 

Designers have access to a centralized repository of approved parts, ensuring consistency in design and adherence to voluntary and regulatory requirements.

Designers, engineers, and procurement teams can collaborate more effectively, leveraging accurate part information to make informed decisions and expedite project timelines.

Engineers, designers, and CAD Administrators can identify recurring discrepancies or issues and implement corrective actions to enhance the accuracy and reliability of future designs.


The integration of MTOWorx and SaaS Mechanical represents a significant advancement in inspecting 3D piping models, offering unparalleled parts management, discrepancy detection, and compliance assurance capabilities. By leveraging these innovative solutions, engineering firms can optimize their design processes, mitigate risks, and deliver high-quality piping systems that meet the highest standards of precision and performance. Investing in the integration of MTOWorx and SaaS Mechanical is not just a technological upgrade but a strategic imperative for organizations seeking to excel in the competitive landscape of engineering and construction.

Watch this short video to see MTOWorx and SaaS Mechanical in action.