You selected a viewport to annotate with BOM or MML bubbles, but no bubbles appear.


Below are a few possible causes.

BUBBLEWorx Settings

  You will need to check your BUBBLEWorx selection options to ensure you are selecting the correct items.  In the BUBBLEWorx settings dialog, you can check or uncheck the selection filter options. Follow the steps below in the BUBBLEWorx Settings section.

Viewport Settings

  You may also need to check your viewport using the ECESIMULATEVIEWPORT command. At the top of the BOM and MML palettes, you can update the depth of selection by using the Front and Back clipping options. 

You need to use the Simulate Viewport button to check which items will be selected from the viewport. This will draw a solid in model space that BUBBLEWorx will search inside of to look for items to bubble. If your solid does not surround your components, then BUBBLEWorx will not be able to find any items. Follow the steps below in the Viewport Settings section.


BUBBLEWorx Settings

Ensure the items you expect to select correspond to your chosen settings.

Viewport Settings

        To fix your viewport, you can add a clipping plane to your viewport. Here are some options:

  • Use VIEWWorx to generate a new viewport
  • Use 3DCLIP to clip the view in the viewport
  • Use VIEWCLIP to clip the view in the viewport.