You get an error when opening the BUBBLEWorx settings or when trying to place a BUBBLEWorx table. 

The error looks like this:

Or the log file shows an error like this:

Worx.Tools.Global.Runtime.WorxException: Error#20153: Failed To Create CAD Table-Failed to create CAD Table Please check the log file for more information: http://localhost:1968/worxlogs/ ---> Autodesk.AutoCAD.Runtime.Exception: eInvalidInput at Autodesk.AutoCAD.DatabaseServices.Column.set_Width(Double width) at


This can be caused by trying to change the width of a column and it is accidentally set to zero.

This can also be caused by a corrupt Worx Settings file.


Upgrade to the latest version to solve this issue. Worx Plugin Download 

For a temporary fix, you can try to change the values in the Worx Settings.

If you can open the BUBBLEWorx settings, check the width of the Columns and adjust them to be larger than zero.


    This affects versions previous to 2022.318.1000 

    Check For A New Version Of The Worx Plugins