When you load BUBBLEWorx, you get an error message stating that a LINKWorx license was not found.


  • Your BUBBLEWorx settings are set to use a BUBBLEWorx and LINKWorx license for additional functionality, and you only have a BUBBLEWorx license.
  • You have a LINKWorx license, but they are all being used.


Turn off the LINKWorx license check if you do not have a LINKWorx license and you are not using the full functionality of BUBBLEWorx.

  1. Open the BUBBLEWorx palette.
  2. Select the Settings button.
  3. Select the BUBBLEWorx settings.
  4. Under the License Type dropdown, select BUBBLEWorx.
  5. Select OK.

Ensure you have enough LINKWorx licenses if you are using the full functionality of BUBBLEWorx and you are still receiving this error.