Use Case

CADWorx PLANT and AutoCAD PLANT 3D produce piping isometric drawings.  ISOWorx provides post processors that perform operations like bulk border updates and file renaming from Excel workbooks files, or SQL database tables.  This use case describes connecting ISOWorx to SQL tables using the built-in SOCKETWorx connector.  In this way, Line List data can be centralized and remain easily accessible by designers and other roles.

SQL is often the repository for piping asset information and can easily become the data source for visible drawing Block Attributes.

ISOWorx will update drawings as they move between stage gates.  It will automatically update SQL with the current ISO Stage with their names.  Centralize Line Lists by using SQL tables and connecting to them with SOCKETWorx.  
Line List data usually exists within self-managed tables, or SQL tables from DIAGRAMS, CADWorx, & AutoCAD P&ID plugins projects. Create data views like ISOWorx Routes by P&ID from database tables like this PID Piping Routes tables in the DIAGRAMS Upstream Project.

Use the ISO Status field to set up SOCKETWorx dashboard widgets to monitor drawing production status.

Setup & Configuration


SOCKETWorx is a web application that installs on Windows Servers. Since the Windows server is within an intranet, it can be configured to communicate with SQL server instances. It is not uncommon for the same Windows server to be running SOCKETWorx and SQL.

Once SOCKETWorx is running, connecting to any SQL database is made easy with a simple form.

Pro Tip: Do not forget to Refresh the connection after adding or changing databases.


Once SOCKETWorx SQL Connections exist, then ISOWorx can be connected to them.

Browse to the ISOWorx Setup tab and go to work on the Line List connection setup.

Toggle from Spreadsheet to SOCKETWorx mode.  Enter your credentials, select Connections, and select Tables.
Launch the ISOWorx Attribute Mapper, and 1) pick the IsoBorder drawing, 2) set the mandatory rows and any others.
3) Set the Iso Status, if tracking piping isometric drawing progress.

That's it!

Update and manage drawing information and filenames from SQL databases, regardless of their origin 

Important: Map TAG_ score to a column that mirrors the P3D or CWX Line Numbers just like Excel workbooks used as Line Lists.  Map ISO_DWG_NAME_ to the field that will change filenames.

Contact ECE for more information on deploying SOCKETWorx as middleware to connect SQL databases with ISOWorx to manage piping asset data inclusive of Isometric drawing information.